Dhrishni Thakuria - Content Marketer

Dhrishni has superb range when it comes to content marketing, she is like a true test match batsman. TurboHire is a deep-tech product and it is definitely not easy to describe it to myriad content audience. Like a true test match batsman, she can create research-oriented content with structure and lucidity. She depicts ideas with flair of creativity for users. She can face and deliver myriad and varied topics simultaneously, without getting demotivated over the plan. Dhrishni makes and sticks to the plan and most importantly, she can dig deep to grind hard on big and complex content, like Pujara. She can also turn into a power-hitter to meet deadlines and produce runs needed, like Rishabh Pant. In either case she keeps laudable pace with others on the pitch. What else do we need in a winner?

Deepak Agrawal, CEO, TurboHire

We at MedPiper had consulted Dhrishni on a content assignment. She was prompt, fast and curious enough to dive deeper, engage with our users and then finally deliver the output well within the pre-agreed timelines!

Nitthin Chandran, CEO, MedPiper

Dhrishni joined TurboHire when we were in a very early stage of setting up the content marketing engine. In a very short time, Dhrishni not just helped in building a robust content funnel based on the buyers’ journey but also ensured a strong social media presence. Dhrishni is one of the most disciplined and result-driven professionals I have met. Given her ability to take up a huge task and iteratively taking it to completion, she is a core part of the growth story of TurboHire. She has my highest recommendation for the role of content and social marketing. I am sure that she will grow herself into a very strong marketing leader over the years.

– Aman Gour, Cofounder & CPO, TurboHire

I’ve worked alongside Dhrishni for quite a while now. In this time, I’ve seen her not only excel at the core elements of her job as a Content Marketer, but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role, like email marketing, event planning, and even championing our company’s internal communications. This rare mix of productivity and ambition sets a great example for the rest of the team, and explains why everyone loves working with Dhrishni – no matter where they fall on the organization chart.

Gaurav Kumar, Cofounder & COO, TurboHire

Dhrishni is a powerhouse. Her energy and drive to get things done is infectious! When she is working on a project, you know she has given it her everything. Another great quality in her is the “want to learn” and being a quick learner. Given all this, she is sure to rise up the ladder fast. All the best Dhrishni.

Bhavya Sharma, Head PR, Communications & Brand Partnerships, UrbanCompany

Undoubtedly one of the most hardworking person I know of. She tirelessly keeps writing quality content and is extremely accountable. She takes pro-active ownership in any project and delivers before time. She ensures her deliverables don’t get blocked on anything so if there’s asset requirement to finish her content, blog etc., she’d proactively create a graphic or anything that’d be required. She is a great inspiration to drive hustle in any team and I highly recommend her.

Amit Das, VP Design & Research, Urban Company

When it comes to Content, it is her forte. The deliverables are always on time and she understands exactly what is required of a client’s demands. Her knowledge of SEO is impeccable. In terms of the format of a content, whether it be long format blogs, short synopsis or news report – a brief is good enough for her to understand and deliver the work on time. I highly recommend Dhrishni for the role of Chief Editor. She is sure to be a valuable asset to any company she joins in. Good luck!

– Ashutosh Bhatt, SEO Manager, Astra Security

It’s been a pleasure working with Dhrishni at UrbanClap. She is very enthusiastic and hard working. She is always ready to learn new things. Her execution time is tremendous as she designs posters, creatives and infographics for her blogs on her own and in no time. She is a great asset to any company.

– Fozail Ahmed, UI/UX Specialist, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Dhrishni is very skilled and creative in content writing. At UrbanClap, we worked together for the Homes team and the quality of her blogs was commendable. A lot of hard work goes into researching on a particular topic, she has always been so motivated to meet people and have in-depth knowledge before writing about it. She earns my highest recommendation as a Content Manager and I am very sure wherever she gets such opportunity, she will make the most of it and be dedicated to her work responsibilities.

Vinushka Goyal, MBA, SBS NMIMS ’22

Had a pleasure working with this diligent soul. She carried out all her tasks on time. Her blogs are amazing and refreshing. Her writing style is really creative, fresh and unique. I’m happy that I worked with her as a colleague.

– Vidisha Sharma, Tax Analyst, Ernst & Young (EY)

With the years of experience and knowledge working with Dhrishni was an amazing experience in UrbanClap. A true dedicated and hardworking person I have ever seen. Always keeping up with the quality and quantity as her top priority Dhrishni is an excellent expert and a content writer in various subjects like Homes, weddings, psychology, etc. Always gaining, learning and trying out new things she is a person who is always ready to help you out in any situation. Doing something out of the box she loves to experiment and know other people’s perception. Expressing herself and her thoughts beautifully she is a perfect fit for Sr. content manager. Wish her all the success!

– Chandni Kumar, Senior Associate Content Marketing, WedMeGood