Course 1: Content Marketing – Beginner’s Guide

Content Marketing - Beginner's Guide by Dhrishni Thakuria

Content Marketing is tied in with creating and disseminating content that targets and draws in a focused audience while urging them to make a move that is beneficial to a business. This beginner’s guide is a concise instructional guide that will help you understand how you can utilize content marketing for your potential benefit and advance your business. This instructional guide is principally going to help the pursuers who are trying to make a profession in Content Marketing. 

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Chapter 1 – 5 Stages To Consider Before Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy

Chapter 2 – Content Creation

Chapter 3 – Choose The Channels You Want To Promote Your Content 

Chapter 4 – Editorial Content 

Chapter 5 – Content Marketing Design Guide

Chapter 6 – Content Marketing Tools 

Chapter 7 – What Are The Major Challenges In Content Marketing?

Chapter 8 – How Do You Measure The Success Of Your Content Marketing Strategy?



Course 2: Content Marketing – Core Elements

Content Marketing - Core Elements

In the previous Beginner’s Guide, I gave you a brief on how to begin as a Content Marketer and what all aspects should be kept in mind when preparing a Content Marketing strategy. In this guide, I will walk you through the core elements of content marketing as given below. The strategy will depend on your brand’s approach to it but nevertheless, these core elements will always be a part of your Content Marketing strategy, irrespective of whether you are in B2B/ SaaS market, B2C market or D2C market.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Chapter 9 – Blogs – Community Building Tool

Chapter 10 – Lifecycle Emails – Permission based Content 

Chapter 11 – Newsletter – Permission based Content

Chapter 12 – Whitepaper – Linear Narrative Research Tool

Chapter 13 – Case Study – Trust Building Content

Chapter 14 – eBook – Reflowable Electronic Book

Chapter 15 – Podcast – One Way Communication Tool

Chapter 16 – Webinar – Participatory Experience

Chapter 17 – Infographics – Informative Data Visualization

Chapter 18 – Social Media – The Main Market